ASTRA Construction's primary objective is the end user's satisfaction with each completed project, in terms of functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics.
In order to achieve optimal quality results, ASTRA Construction follows a Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001: 2008 in every project.
Throughout the faces of the project implementation, the procedures set out by the Quality Assurance are scrupulously respected, regarding the choice of partners, suppliers and subcontractors, the certifications of materials etc.
The Company's experienced and trained staff is responsible for the successful implementation and the continuous optimization of the Quality Management System processes.
ASTRA Construction commitment is to comply with the National and International legislation that ensures the protection of the environment and invests in the continuous training of its staff, in order to acquire environmental consciousness.
ASTRA Construction follows Environmental Management System according to the standard ISO 14001: 2004 plans to be applied in 2015.